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Let’s fall in love.

With this romantic styled shoot we hope to inspire you.

Together with a team of dedicated artists, we created this ethereal bridal shoot that took place at Villa Di Maiano in Fiesole. A dream location!

Everything about this estate, whispers romance.. from the old piscina, to the cellars housing the 
lemon trees, the beautiful garden fences, the architectural horticulture, the stunning fattoria, .. the olive trees, etc.

Just come with me ..

As seen on Burnett’s Boards

This wonderful shoot to inspire brides, is an initiative by Anaïs Stoelen.

Resulting in a stunning realization of the creative coöperation between Anaïs Stoelen Photography, based at (Antwerp) Belgium, and the creative team of Trouwen in Toscane & Funkybird Firenze: Roos Van der Wielen, Sonja De Graaf and Milos Dokmanovic, based at Florence, Italy.

Thanks to: Roos, Sonja, Milos, Caterina, Ombretta, Alexandra, Mobar, And company, Sugar & spice, Cottimaryanne

Vendors and Credits
All photos are taken by photographer: Anaïs Charlotte Stoelen –
Trouwen in Toscane – Wedding planning & styling Roos Van Der Wielen 
Flowers by FunkyBirdFlowers 
Location Villa Di Maiano  
Model Letizia  
Make up by Catarina Pelosi 
Hair Ombretta Ridolfi 
Dress from Mobar 
Calligraphy from And company 
Wedding cake by Sugar & spice


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anais stoelen

Anaïs Stoelen Photography specializes in Fine Art Photography, based at Antwerp (Belgium) and is available Worldwide. Anaïs' photography style is romantic, elegant, refined and timeless.

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