Repost: Italian countryside wedding inspiration shoot from Le Marche

For this shoot Leontine poured her heart into the creation of a gorgeous ‘al fresco’ tea party with overgrowing grapes. Sitting there at a gorgeous table underneath the grapes, you sure feel like a principessa while enjoying the sweetest peaches, cherries, .. So, with this beautiful setting, a fairy tale was born.

And as with all fairytales.. There once was a story about two princesses who lived at “Il Conventino”, a big house on the hill…

Two princesses ‘principesse’ liked to make up their own rules around the house. Their days were filled with laughter and playfulness and for them everything was magical. They loved running around the garden, playing hide and seek, dressing up for their wedding… The youngest princess, Isabella, looked up to her sister Francesca and dreamed about the day their princes would come and whisk them away!

Today we are doing a repost! Exactly one year and a day ago, I flew to my beloved Italy again for a partnership with Léontine Lauffer, wedding planner & stylist of Il Matrimonio Italiano.

Léontine is a true artist with a vision and she brought her vision to life by bringing together gorgeous details that make you swoon and make you want to get married in the Italian countryside right away!

This beautiful wedding inspiration shoot took place at the most amazing private estate ‘Il Conventino’ in Gradara. The medieval town of Gradara, which is situated at top of the hills, overlooks the Adriatic coastline. (Le Marche region). This estate is a rare beauty with soft yellow painted walls, windows overlooking the valley and grapevines, romantic gardens with antique statues.. What’s also special about this place is that they told us that we had to make sure all the doors and windows were not left open because  birds like to fly inside the rooms!

In order to create this countryside Italian style, simple and raw elements were carefully put together. Elements such as hand picked fresh fruits, olive twigs and beautiful pastel pink & white flowers. Layers of that country elegance where created by combining soft materials like tulle and lace in contrast with the heavy antique wooden table.

The antique wooden table was covered with lace and tulle for that utterly romantic feel and arranged a collage of fresh fruits and tea cups and a buffet with fresh apricots, cherries and nectarines brought that Italian countryside feel to life.

Our beautiful bride Francesca looked like a princess in her handmade wedding gown made by Davide Bongiovanni, bridal couturier at 101010 Maison. Silvia Merli, the florist of Profuma di Fiori, artfully chose beautiful white & pastel pink hues and olive branches as a the core for flower arrangements, to accentuate that romantic countryside feel.

The cup cakes & sweets and an elegant peachy pink ruffled wedding cake were designed by Andreea Carbuleaa and her team of Cupcake Paradiso.


Did you like this shoot? We would love to accompany you in the creation of your beautiful wedding day! Take a look at all our participating vendors at the bottom of this blogpost.

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– Copyright Anaïs Stoelen Photography –

CONCEPT & STYLING Leontine Ansolini-Lauffer – Il Matrimonio Italiano 

FLOWERS arrangements by flower designer Silvia Merli – Il Profumo di Fiori

CAKE DESIGN Andreea Carbuleaa – Cupcake Paradiso

BRIDAL DRESS Davide Bongiovanni – 101010Maison

MAKE-UP Apollonia Tolo


MODEL Francesca Bertoni



STATIONERY Katrien Van Dessel for Anaïs Stoelen Photography

PHOTOGRAPHER Anaïs Stoelen Photography

LOCATION Il Conventino

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