1 How can we book you?

How wonderful you are interested in booking me! If you would like to book me, send me your message: info@anaisstoelenphotography.com. Please include helpful information such as:

Which type of shoot you would like to book, where and when you would like the shoot to take place, if you would like to book hair & makeup and if you are booking a shoot for yourself or as a gift and how many people would like be photographed.

2 Where are you based?

I’m based at Deurne (Antwerp).

3 Will our shoot take place in a studio?

All shoots are made at inspiring locations.

4 How are images delivered?

Images are delivered in high resolution and additional web quality images into an online client-only gallery. From this gallery clients can download their images.

5 Can we book you for our shoot at a location abroad? 

Sure thing! I would be very happy to photograph you abroad at a destination of your choice. For all other locations outside of Belgium travel fees apply.


6 How far in advance do we book our shoot?

This depends on your preferred shoot date. Do you have a tight timeframe? Do you want to book a shoot in a popular month , such as October (the time we’re shooting for Christmas)? This is something to consider. So my advice is to book way in advance to ensure I’m still available and the coverage is delivered well on time.

7 Which payment method do you use?

You can pay by invoice within 7 days upon booking to secure your chosen photography service and complete your booking.

8 Can I postpone our agreed shoot date? 

Yes, it is possible to reschedule your shoot on a new date. However your shoot has to take place in the year of booking.

9 We are getting married. Can we still book you as our wedding photographer? 

Congratulations and how exciting for you both! Unfortunately I said a sweet goodbye to covering weddings. However, I do offer bridal couples beautiful Love (Engagement) Shoots and specially planned Wedding Shoots.

Wedding Shoots are either held before (Pre Wedding Shoot) or after (Post Wedding Shoot) your wedding day. We will carefully plan out your romantic shoot at a destination you love. This can even be a shoot on your honeymoon destination. A beautiful walk on the beach, a hand-in-hand stroll in Paris, these are just a few ideas to inspire you.

And after all, wouldn’t you like to have another opportunity to slip in that dress again? Iconic & unforgettable, check!

10 Which types of shoots are Lifestyle Shoots? 

Anaïs Stoelen Photography offers 2 types of Lifestyle Shoots: Solo Shoot and Family Shoot. Both shoots are Portrait Shoots. Solo shoots are for individuals such as a Pregnancy Shoot and the Solo Portrait. Family Shoots are for families (Also see: Question n°6)

11 We would like to book a Family Shoot with our children. Can their grand parents join us?

Absolutely! Family Shoots with more than two adults are possible. Family members and friends can join the shoot for the charge of 75 per person. The maximum capacity for this type of shoot is 6 adults. Please mention for how many adults you would like to schedule the shoot upon booking.

12 Will my hair & makeup be done before the shoot?

For your convenience you can book one of our preferred professional hair &  makeup artists through Anaïs. Your hair & makeup can be done at your home or onsite*. (*Onsite hairstyling is only possible if electricity is available)

13 Can I share images from my shoot on Facebook?

All Web Quality images may be shared by you on the internet & social media. I do appreciate a little credit mention when you share my work. This can be: Copyright Anaïs Stoelen Photography or Copyright @anaisstoelen on social media. Print Quality images may however never be shared on the Internet, they are suited for print purposes only.

14 Can we book your for our annual Holiday Shoot? We would love to send out Christmas cards.

Yes, I also offer Holidays Shoots.  Holiday Shoots take place well in advance (October – November). If you would like to book a Holiday Shoot, please reach out to me for more information or check the ASP website for Special Offers.