Joske & Sam Pre Wedding Shoot Kasterlee

The days are longer, the light is brighter, the temperature warmer and with that come great adventures and lot’s of laughter. It’s also the start of Wedding Season and I’m excited that I’ll be a part of couples’ great adventures such as our first couple, Joske & Sam.

In the woods of Kasterlee (which bring back so many child hood memories for me..), the beautiful Pre Wedding Shoot of sweet Joske & Sam unfolded earlier today and fun it was.

And as we look forward to their big day, 6 weeks from now, we had to share some favorites, to celebrate what’s coming next.

O and take a good look at Robin, isn’t she adorable? She’s going to be the perfect flower girl on the big day!

J & S many thanks for the lovely day, look forward to your wedding! xo Anaïs

Joske-en-Sam-Prewedding-Kempen-Kasterlee-AnaisStoelenPhotography-73197 Joske-en-Sam-Prewedding-Kempen-Kasterlee-AnaisStoelenPhotography-663256Joske-en-Sam-Prewedding-Kempen-Kasterlee-AnaisStoelenPhotography-673257Joske-en-Sam-Prewedding-Kempen-Kasterlee-AnaisStoelenPhotography-103200Joske-en-Sam-Prewedding-Kempen-Kasterlee-AnaisStoelenPhotography-533243Joske-en-Sam-Prewedding-Kempen-Kasterlee-AnaisStoelenPhotography-1314862Joske-en-Sam-Prewedding-Kempen-Kasterlee-AnaisStoelenPhotography-463236Joske-en-Sam-Prewedding-Kempen-Kasterlee-AnaisStoelenPhotography-583248-2 Joske-en-Sam-Prewedding-Kempen-Kasterlee-AnaisStoelenPhotography-1384869 Joske-en-Sam-Prewedding-Kempen-Kasterlee-AnaisStoelenPhotography-1514882

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