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Hello 2016!

And so we are enjoying the last days in festive atmosphere before we will be taking down the tree and make place for new adventures and winter warmth & cosiness.

Hope you had the utmost wonderful Christmas time and that your year has started of fabulously.

Hereby I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Let this be the year you say YES .. to more romance in the everyday life, the year you make your dreams happen, spend more time doing the things you love, perhaps this might happen to be planning your wedding or taking up dancing courses, aquarelle classes or cooking classes.

I love seeing people blossom as they pursue their dreams, the career they secretly knew they wanted and were afraid of going after, or buy the shoes that make them feel good about themselves, go after the one they love.. create their own kind of happiness.

I love that I get to spend time with these amazing people and get to know them better while I photograph their stories.. stories about love, children, their travels, about home, ambition, artistry and so on.

2016 has brought me new insights and inspiration already and I’m excited for the new wedding season!

Of course I wanted to say Thanks to my clients, partners, publishers, my readers and everyone who supports my vision. Thank you all so much for bringing such bliss to my life.

Now I’m going to say YES to 2016!

La vie est belle..



Before I go here are some photographs of our home in Christmas atmosphere .. (Because tell me, who doesn’t like to snoop?)



anais stoelen

Anaïs Stoelen Photography specializes in Fine Art Photography, based at Antwerp (Belgium) and is available Worldwide. Anaïs' photography style is romantic, elegant, refined and timeless.

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