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My husband and I are throwing a small party today to celebrate a new chapter for my business. In the past 7 years I’ve fully committed myself to photography, specializing in wedding photography.

I had the honour of covering some of the most beautiful weddings in Belgium and abroad. As my business developed, my vision evolved over the years and I’ve now come to the point of saying goodbye to wedding photography and going onwards in a new direction. I must admit it does hurt to say goodbye to these wonderful experiences I’ve shared with bridal couples and I sure am going to miss it. Is saying goodbye ever easy?

Before I can say goodbye (while the memories will always stay in my heart), there’s something I want to show you. As a token of my appreciation for all of you, who follow along my journey, I want to say thank you with a collection of Best Of Wedding Photography images I’ve brought together for you in a gallery. Read the post here. View the gallery.

As I’ve said my goodbyes, I’m immensely excited to tell you more about the new course ASP is sailing.



ASP is now a full on Portrait Studio, offering fun Love Shoots (Love or Engagement Shoot), Wedding Shoots (Post & Pre Wedding Shoot) and Lifestyle Shoots (Pregnancy Shoot & Family Shoot).

All types of Portrait Shoots will take place at inspiring locations as I do not work in studio. I love to go out with you! I’ll help you find a location that aligns with your personality which helps greatly in making you feel at ease.

ASP continues to accommodates bridal couples in the creation of beautiful imagery. You can still enjoy having an Engagement Shoot and even a wedding shoot either before or after your wedding day. The Pre or Post Wedding Shoot is a once-in-a-lifetime fully planned out shoot in your wedding outfits, on a location of your choice in Belgium or at a destination worldwide. Yes, this can even be your honeymoon destination!


NEWB2B Services

Also new, I’m extending my services to professionals. B2B Services include Fashionista Portraiture, (Bridal) Editorials, Lookbooks, Content Creation and Blogging.

Fashionista’s/influencers and bloggers who want show a cohesive body of work, may want to look into perfecting their Instagram feed and blog by opting for professional photographs. Having a cohesive style is very important to create an overall look that reflects your style and personality as well as your professional credibility.

To both brands in the wedding market as to fashion brands who would like to showcase their latest designs ASP covers Lookbooks as well as (Bridal) Editorial Photography services. ASP is also available for the organization of your Editorial.

Fashionista Portraiture, (Bridal) Editorials, Lookbooks, Content Creation and Blogging are only a few of the many ways Anaïs Stoelen Photography works together with professionals. I’m eager to hear from you, how I can help you achieve your goals and dreams.


Art Gallery & Shop

Lots has changed and a lot of new services have been added and there’s even more to come!

The Art Gallery & Shop is coming soon. #launchfall2017

And for now, I’m going to leave a little mystery about it. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to stay updated and receive more information about the launch of the Art Gallery & Shop soon!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new direction of ASP in the comments below.

Check out our limited Welcome Offer and ASP Contest to celebrate Anaïs 2.0! :-) 

I look forward to capturing your sunshiny personality soon!

Great weekend, xo Anaïs





anais stoelen

Anaïs Stoelen Photography specializes in Fine Art Photography, based at Antwerp (Belgium) and is available Worldwide. Anaïs' photography style is romantic, elegant, refined and timeless.

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